“Dawn of Pirates” DLC released
The new DLC, “Dawn of Pirates”, adds a new campaign to the Caribbean empire-building game along with unlocking online leaderboards and an “Ironman” mode. In the new campaign, players will set sail as the scourge of the seas – a bloodthirsty treasure-seeking pirate.

The Dawn of Pirates DLC for Windows PC is available now for £4.49/€4.99 via Steam and the Kalypso Launcher.

Dawn of Pirates offers you a whole new single-player campaign in which you get to stir up trouble in the Caribbean — as a pirate. Your aim in this DLC is to become the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean by raiding and plundering unsuspecting cities and poorly guarded convoys on the high seas. A new pirate-themed campaign offer players the chance to enjoy Port Royale 3 from the view of one of their most challenging foes! Arrr matey, what are you waiting for? Set sail!

Features of the Dawn of Pirates DLC:
– A new pirate-themed campaign with adjusted interface and gameplay
– Ironman-mode challenges you to play through the campaign without save-points
– An online ranking-system with a global high-score-list for Normal as well as Ironman modes
Comments on "“Dawn of Pirates” DLC released"
  • Comment by Aleksey on 15/12/2012

    Port Royale 3: Dawn of Pirates DLC for XBox 360 is exist?

  • Comment by Dan on 18/12/2012

    Xbox 360 DLC???? Ummm sooo are you going to take my money and put this on Xbox live or not?

  • Comment by Leroy on 21/01/2013

    when is the DLC coming too PS3

  • Comment by Dan on 23/01/2013

    When is the dlc and patch coming to the Xbox. Game has too many bugs to play at the moment.

  • Comment by Gareth on 25/01/2013

    Ive got the game on Xbox 360 is this downloadable content available and at what price?

  • Comment by Hardy on 08/02/2013

    I see the achievements on the 360 version... but no DLC... hmmm... soonish? patched too soon maybe?

  • Comment by Aaron on 23/02/2013

    Curious when next DLC for XBOX 360 is? Great game.

  • Comment by william on 24/02/2013

    I agree that the game is great and the follow up to there information is usefull but the average joe knows that its having issues with the transition from pc to consoles and that they are going to need time to fix it but kalypso hasnt done us wrong for updates or patches. release date would be apritiated tho for the followup exspansion ._.

  • Comment by craig on 21/03/2013

    hi when are we gonna get dawn of pirates for xbox because as it stands iv been ripped off buying a game thats not complete since pc and ps3 have the required dlcs and the pc digital versions are way over priced since the games not new anymore shouldve had a drop in price well example amazon £7.99 brand new with disk no download bandwidth cost and your price which btw is a rip £34.99 with internet connection cost and companies wonder why sales drop for thier games its not right

  • Comment by craig on 21/03/2013

    sorry i forgot to add i really like the game just not how as a customer we are treated i wont play my game till i have all dlcs and or pc game price reflects its value because i wouldve repurchased pc version if it was worth it excluding dlcs i know i wouldve had to rebuy too