First “Port Royale 3″ Tutorial Video Available!
Pirates are serious business in Port Royale 3! Learn the basics of maritime survival in the first of many tutorial videos. Remember, even ruthless pirates must sell the goods they steal, and it’s no fun losing money selling a merchant back his own stuff.
Comments on "First “Port Royale 3″ Tutorial Video Available!"
  • Comment by Alan on 29/05/2012

    I am a huge fan of RTS games and have high expectations for this game. I haven't a PC that is gaming capable and am very anxious for Port Royale 3's arrival on the 360. You certainly didn't disappoint with your console friendly Tropicos. I can't wait till September!

  • Comment by Paul Fearn on 14/06/2012

    would be nice to have more things to spruce up the islands statues, gardens, ect

  • Comment by Martin on 10/11/2012

    I have been trying to send you an email re not having visiual only audible with the game but you email address keeps getting bounced back, I was trying to send the dxdiag file as a .txt file to Martin Tosta