Patrician IV Gold & Port Royale 3 Gold Double Pack Out Now on PC
Fun-loving pirates, brave adventurers and entrepreneurial merchants prepare yourself for the ultimate strategy experience, as Patrician IV Gold & Port Royale 3 Gold Double Pack is out today on PC. Master the economy of the Middle Ages and dominate the trade market in Patrician IV Gold, or set out in search of fame, wealth and adventure in the 18th century Caribbean in Port Royale 3 Gold. This comprehensive double pack combines two of the most celebrated games in the trading strategy genre and also includes all released additional content and expansions for both titles. Where will you start your journey? Check out the brand new launch trailer below for a look at the exotic locales of the Caribbean in Port Royale 3 and the lucrative opportunities found in the Hanseatic League in Patrician IV.

Patrician IV Gold & Port Royale 3 Gold Double Pack Announced
Kalypso Media is pleased to announce Patrician IV Gold & Port Royale 3 Gold Double Pack is scheduled for a European retail and global digital release on 25th July 2014 for PC. Rise up through the Hanseatic League and gain control over the trade routes of the Northern Sea in Patrician IV Gold, or fulfill the ambitions of a rising merchant and survive the turbulent 18th century Caribbean in Port Royale 3 Gold. Plus, this comprehensive double pack also contains every expansion and all released additional content for both titles – creating the ultimate trading experience for strategy fans!

This double pack combines both the award-winning Patrician IV Gold and Port Royale 3 Gold into one fantastic trading-sim bundle: offering strategy fans two of the most acclaimed titles the genre has to offer together. Both games received several awards upon release and the Patrician IV Gold & Port Royale 3 Gold Double Pack represents the ultimate trading experience and guarantees over 100 hours of intricate gameplay. Plus, it also contains all released DLC and expansions for both games.

Patrician IV Gold challenges players to rise up the merchant ranks in order to become the leader of a burgeoning Northern European shipping empire during the late Middle Age. Trade with common goods, build up your own production and establish a merchant fleet as you gain more and more political influence and eventually even found new towns.

Port Royale 3 Gold puts you in the Caribbean of the turbulent 17th Century. The maritime powers of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands fight over the colonies, whilst you as a young sea captain strive to become the most powerful figure in the New World. Choose from three distinctive and extensive campaigns: The Adventurer, The Merchant or The Pirate

Features of Patrician IV Gold & Port Royale 3 Gold Double Pack:
  • Includes Patrician IV Gold (main game and the official expansion “Rise of a Dynasty”) and Port Royale 3 Gold (main game and the official expansion “Treasure Island”)
  • Contains a total of four campaigns, numerous story scenarios, free game modes and cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players – adding up to hundreds of hours of gameplay
  • Explore, travel and supply the northern European sea in Patrician IV and dive into the stormy Caribbean of the 17th Century in Port Royale 3; where you follow the path of a trader, an adventurer or a pirate
  • Fully simulated production cycles and dynamic prices are based in a supply and demand economy
  • Create your own fleets and take part in thrilling naval battles
Land Ahoy! Port Royale 3 Gold Sets Sail This August
Prepare to set sail and explore the turbulent Caribbean as Kalypso Media has today announced that their trading/economic simulation game, Port Royale 3, will be releasing as a comprehensive Gold Edition on PlayStation®3 and Windows PC on the 30th of August. It will also be available as a digital download bundle via Steam (and other digital download portals) and the PlayStation®Store. Port Royale 3 Gold contains the full version of the multiple award-winning strategy game Port Royale 3, as well as the official expansion pack ‘Treasure Island’; featuring an all new pirate campaign as well as the micro expansions ‘Harbour Master’ and ‘New Adventures’.  
Now Available for Xbox 360 and PS3: DLC ‘Harbour Master’
‘Harbour Master’ is the first of three additional content packages for ‘Port Royale 3’, and is now available for Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3. ‘Harbour Master’ allows you to manually increase the units of your city’s defense and build ships in your own shipyard. In addition there are six new buildings, your very own economic advisor and numerous ways to decorate your cities with new plants, statues and pavings.

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“Dawn of Pirates” DLC released
The new DLC, “Dawn of Pirates”, adds a new campaign to the Caribbean empire-building game along with unlocking online leaderboards and an “Ironman” mode. In the new campaign, players will set sail as the scourge of the seas – a bloodthirsty treasure-seeking pirate.

The Dawn of Pirates DLC for Windows PC is available now for £4.49/€4.99 via Steam and the Kalypso Launcher.

Dawn of Pirates offers you a whole new single-player campaign in which you get to stir up trouble in the Caribbean — as a pirate. Your aim in this DLC is to become the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean by raiding and plundering unsuspecting cities and poorly guarded convoys on the high seas. A new pirate-themed campaign offer players the chance to enjoy Port Royale 3 from the view of one of their most challenging foes! Arrr matey, what are you waiting for? Set sail!

Features of the Dawn of Pirates DLC:
– A new pirate-themed campaign with adjusted interface and gameplay
– Ironman-mode challenges you to play through the campaign without save-points
– An online ranking-system with a global high-score-list for Normal as well as Ironman modes